Monday Night RAW
Format Sports entertainment
Created by Vince McMahon
Starring WWE personnel
Opening theme "Enemies" by Shinedown
Episode(s) 440 (as of October 2016)
Camera setup Multicamera setup
Running time 3 hours and 5 minutes

WWE Raw (also advertised as WWE Monday Night Raw) is a professional wrestling television program that currently airs on the USA Network in the United States and originally debuted in August 2005. Since its launch in 2005, Raw continues to air on Monday nights. Raw is generally seen as the company's flagship program due to its prolific history, high ratings, weekly three-hour live format, and emphasis on pay-per-views.

Since its first episode, WWE Raw has been broadcast live from 203 different arenas, in 169 cities and towns, in ten different nations (the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Africa, Germany, Japan, Italy and Mexico). There have been 287 episodes from 2005 to 2013.

Show historyEdit


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"Burn it to the Ground" by Nickelback served as the official theme song for Raw from 2009 to 2015. Currently "Enemies" by Shinedown serves as the theme song for Raw. Beginning in August 2016, Raw debuted a brand new logo, set and graphics and theme song.

On air personalitiesEdit

The show features various on-air personalities including the wrestlers themselves, ring announcers, commentators and on-screen authority figures. Raw also has had various recurring on-air segments hosted by members of the roster.


ChampionshipCurrent champion(s)ReignDate wonDays heldLocationNotes
WWE Championship Colt Cabana 1 February 28, 2016 167+ Orlando, Florida Defeated Dean Ambrose at the Royal Rumble
WWE Women's Championship Paige 4 May 15, 2016 90+ Newark, New Jersey Defeated Velvet Sky at Extreme Rules
WWE Intercontinental Championship Big Show 1 June 6, 2016 68+ Poughkeepsie, New York Defeated Magnus in a Body Slam Challenge on Raw
WWE European Championship Jake Anderson 3 June 27, 2016 49+ Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Defeated Edge on the June 27, 2016 episode of Raw
WWE Tag Team Championship Roman Reigns & Wade Barrett 1 June 13, 2016 61+ New York City Defeated Fratelli d'Italia on the June 13, 2016 episode of Raw

International broadcastersEdit

The show airs live on the USA Network (and on tape delay Wednesdays on mun2 in English, Saturdays on Universal HD, and Sundays on mun2 in Spanish (Morning broadcast) and in the original English (5pm Eastern broadcast) in the United States). Occasionally, Raw is aired on same-day tape delay when WWE is on an overseas tour. Raw is also shown live on Sky Sports 3 in the UK and Ireland and on Sky Sport 2 in Italy. Sky Deutschland in Germany began airing Raw live and in HD on February 14, 2011. Raw has also been airing live in Mexico on TVC Deportes since October 6, 2008 and on over-the-air network Canal 5 since June 18, 2012.