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Team Heyman (Attitude Era) was a faction led by Paul Heyman. It consisted of CM Punk, Curtis Axel, Daniel Bryan, Shane Helms and Cookie, along with associates Michael Noventa, Kim Kardashian and Shannon Reid.

The faction consists of both faces and heels and they regularly team up together to take on members of Team Bischoff, led by Eric Bischoff, Team People Power, led by Teddy Long and Project Mayhem led by Ciaran O'Donnell. Sometimes they're even put against one another to see who the better Superstar/Diva is. Heyman was later fired by Triple H thus effectively disbanding the stable and ending the Brand Wars.


Member Time
CM Punk May 20th, 2013 – July 28th, 2013
Cookie December 23rd, 2012 – July 28th, 2013
Curtis Axel June 24th, 2013 – July 28th, 2013
Daniel Bryan January 3rd, 2013 – July 28th, 2013
Kim Kardashian March 11th, 2013 – ?
Michael Noventa December 23rd, 2012 – July 28th, 2013
Shane Helms March 24th, 2013 – July 28th, 2013
Shannon Reid January 3rd, 2013 – ?

Former membersEdit

Member Time
Kiley February 24th, 2013 – April 21st, 2013
Matt Hardy March 11th, 2013 – May 20th, 2013
Teddy Hart May 7th, 2013 – June 19th, 2013

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit