ECW FTW Championship
Champion Deactivated
Date won December 16, 2007
Federation WWE The E-Fed
Brand ECW
Date created 2006
Also known as
First champion AJ Styles
Most reigns AJ Styles, Blue Meanie, Pete Gas, Bastian Booger, New Jack, Matt Bentley, James Storm
Longest reign Matt Bentley (148 days)
Shortest reign Pete Gas (26 days)

The WWE ECW FTW Championship was the third-tier championship title in WWE The E-Fed on Wednesday Night ECW; the third brand of the company. The first champion was AJ Styles who was awarded the title belt to become the inaugural champion. The final champion was James Storm who was in his first reign, after defeating Matt Bentley at November 2 Remember on November 11, 2007. AJ Styles, Blue Meanie, Pete Gas, Bastian Booger, New Jack, Matt Bentley and James Storm all hold the record for the most reigns with one reign each. Pete Gas holds the shortest reign with 26 days as ECW FTW Champion. Matt Bentley holds the record for longest reign (as an individual) with 148 days.

Title historyEdit


# The overall championship reign
Date The date in which the championship was obtained
Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
Venue The event where the championship was obtained
Notes Any additional important information on how the championship changed hands
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
# Wrestler Name Reign Date Days held Venue Notes
1 AJ Styles 1 September 20, 2006 33 ECW Styles was awarded the title belt to becmoe the inaugural champion.
Vacated October 22, 2006 Anarchy Rulz
2 Blue Meanie 1 December 13, 2006 64 ECW Meanie won a Battle Royal to claim the vacant FTW Championship.
3 Pete Gas 1 February 14, 2007 26 ECW
4 Bastian Booger 1 March 11, 2007 45 Guilty as Charged
5 New Jack 1 April 24, 2007 55 ECW
6 Matt Bentley 1 June 17, 2007 148 Barely Legal
7 James Storm 1 November 11, 2007 36 November 2 Remember
Deactivated December 16, 2007 ECW ECW as a brand was shut down and thus the FTW Championship was deactivated.

Longest reigning FTW Champion, Matt Bentley

List of combined reignsEdit

Indicates the current champion
<1 Indicates the reign was less than 1 day

As of December 16, 2007

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1. Matt Bentley 1 148
2. Blue Meanie 1 64
3. New Jack 1 55
4. Bastian Booger 1 45
5. James Storm 1 36
6. AJ Styles 1 33
7. Pete Gas 1 26

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