WWE Pure Divas Championship
Champion Deactivated
Date won March 24, 2013
Federation WWE The E-Fed
Brand Smackdown
Date created 2005
Also known as N/A
First champion Christy Hemme
Most reigns 7 Divas (1 reign)
Longest reign Maria Kanellis (189 days)
Shortest reign Angel Williams (24 days)

The WWE Pure Divas Championship was the first-tier championship title for women in the WWE E-Fed federation on Saturday Night Smackdown; the second brand of the company. The first champion was Christy Hemme who exchanged her Divas Money in the Bank briefcase to become the inaugural champion. Cammy Charm was the final champion in her first reign, after winning a Fatal Fourway match for the vacant championship on 10th March 2008 at Bad Blood. Angel Williams holds the record for the shortest reign with 24 days. Maria Kanellis holds the record for longest reign (as an individual) with 189 days. In 2008 the title was changed to the WWE Divas Championship.

Title historyEdit


# The overall championship reign
Date The date in which the championship was obtained
Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
Venue The event where the championship was obtained
Notes Any additional important information on how the championship changed hands
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
# Wrestler Name Reign Date Days held Venue Notes
1 Christy Hemme 1 June 6, 2006 36 Smackdown Christy Hemme uses the Divas Money in the Bank to become the first champion.
2 Trinity 1 July 12, 2006 84 Great American Bash
Title Vacated August 26, 2006 Smackdown
3 Dawn Marie 1 September 9, 2006 128 Saturday Night Main Event Defeats Christy Hemme to win the belt.
4 Angel Williams 1 February 5, 2007 24 Royal Rumble
5 Stacy Keibler 1 March 1, 2007 102 No Way Out
Title Vacated June 11, 2007 Smackdown
6 Maria Kanellis 1 September 3, 2007 189 Summerslamiversary Maria wins a 10 Diva Tag match to win the belt.
Title Vacated March 10, 2008 Smackdown
7 Cammy Charm 1 April 30, 2008 185 Bad Blood Cammy wins a Fatal Fourway match to win the belt.
Title Vacated November 1, 2008 The title becomes the WWE Divas Championship

List of combined reignsEdit

Indicates the current champion
<1 Indicates the reign was less than 1 day

As of April 30, 2008

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1. Maria Kanellis 1 189
2. Cammy Charm 1 185
3. Dawn Marie 1 128
4. Stacy Keibler 1 102
5. Trinity 1 84
6. Christy Hemme 1 36
7. Angel Williams 1 24

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