WWE The E-Fed
Trading name WWE The E-Fed
Type Public
Traded as NYSE: WWE
Industry Professional wrestling
Sports entertainment
Founded August 2005
Founders Jose
Headquarters Stamford, Connecticut
Area served Worldwide
Key people Jess & Lulu

WWE The E-Fed (WWE) is an American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company dealing primarily in professional wrestling, with major revenue sources also coming from music, product licensing, and direct product sales. Like other professional wrestling promotions, WWE's shows do not feature legitimate sporting contests. Instead, its programs feature storyline-driven combat sport matches with predetermined outcomes and fighting maneuvers that are worked, all promoted as legitimate bouts. It has two distinct brands in Raw and Smackdown. Pay-per-views are brand specific, with certain pay-per-views being interbrand.

Current Management & StaffEdit

Former Management & StaffEdit


Monday Night RAWEdit

Ring NameHometownHeightWeight
Adam Cole Panama City, Florida 6ft 0in 210lbs
AJ Styles Gainesville, Georgia 5ft 11in 218lbs
Alex Riley Washington, D.C. 6ft 3in 236lbs
Angelina Love Toronto, Canada 5ft 6in 122lbs
Billie Kay Sydney, Australia 5ft 8in 132lbs
Brock Lesnar Minneapolis, Minnesota 6ft 3in 286lbs
Cesaro Lucerne, Switzerland 6ft 5in 232lbs
Charlotte Charlotte, North Carolina 5ft 10in 144lbs
Chris Brookes Dudley, England 6ft 4in 187lbs
Chris Jericho Winnipeg, Canada 6ft 0in 227lbs
CM Punk Chicago, Illinois 6ft 2in 218lbs
Curtis Axel Champlin, Minnesota 6ft 3in 228lbs
Dean Ambrose Cincinnati, Ohio 6ft 4in 224lbs
Dolph Ziggler Hollywood, Florida 6ft 0in 218lbs
Ember Moon Dallas, Texas 5ft 2in 120lbs
Enzo Amore Hackensack, New Jersey 5ft 11in 200lbs
HurriShane Helms Raleigh, North Carolina 6ft 0 in 215lbs
Finn Bálor Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland 5ft 11in 190lbs
Jake Anderson Queens, New York 6 ft. 2 in. 234 lb.
Jinder Mahal Punjab, India 6ft 5in 238lbs
Johnny Gargano Cleveland, Ohio 5ft 10in 199lbs
Kevin Owens Marieville, Quebec, Canada 6ft 0in 266lbs
Lana Austin Manchester, England 5ft 1in 112lbs
Laurel Van Ness Victoria, British Columbia 5ft 7in 125lbs
Liv Morgan Elmwood Park, New Jersey 5ft 3in 116lbs
Marty Scurll Cambridge, England 5ft 9in 183lbs
Nikki Bella Scottsdale, Arizona 5ft 6in 120lbs
Noam Dar Ayr, Scotland 5ft 9in 178lbs
Pete Dunne Birmingham, England 5ft 10in 205lbs
Peyton Royce Sydney, Australia 5ft 7in 132lbs
Randy Orton St. Louis, Missouri 6ft 5in 250lbs
Santana Garrett Ocala, Florida 5ft 5in 120lbs
Suicide Moscow, Russia 5ft 5in 110lbs
Sunshine Venice Beach, California 5ft 9in 117lbs
Taryn Terrell Orlando, Florida 5ft 6in 120lbs
Tessa Blanchard Charlotte, North Carolina 5ft 6in 126lbs
The Miz Cleveland, Ohio 6ft 2in 221lbs
Trish Stratus Toronto, Ontario, Canada 5ft 3in 125lbs
Tye Dillinger Niagara Falls, Canada 6ft 3in 223lbs
Velvet Sky The Big Apple, New York 5ft 6in 126lbs
Zack Sabre Jr Isle of Sheppey, Kent 6ft 0in 187lbs

Friday Night Smackdown Edit

Ring NameHometownHeightWeight
AJ Lee Union City, New Jersey 5ft 2in 115lbs
Allie Toronto, Ontario, Canada 5ft 6in 120lbs
Baron Corbin Kansas City, Missouri 6ft 8in 285lbs
Beth Phoenix Buffalo, New York 5ft 7in 150lbs
Brandi Reed Ann Arbor, Michigan 5ft 6in 114lbs
Christian Toronto, Ontario, Canada 6ft 1in 212lbs
Christina Von Eerie Reno, Nevada 5ft 4in 123lbs
Ciaran O'Donnell Los Angeles, California 5ft 11in 225lbs
Cody Rhodes Marietta, Georgia 6ft 1in 220lbs
Darby Allin Seattle, Washington 5ft 8in 180lbs
Drew Gulak Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 6ft 0in 193lbs
Emma Melbourne, Australia 5ft 5in 132lbs
Fandango Boston, Massachusetts 6ft 4in 244lbs
Ivy Quinn Riverside, California 5ft 8in 140lbs
Jack Gallagher Manchester, England 5ft 8in 167lbs
Jimmy Havoc Camden, London 5ft 10in 169lbs
Jimmy Jacobs Grand Rapids, Michigan 5ft 7in 169lbs
John Cena West Newbury, Massachusetts 6ft 1in 251lbs
Katie Lea Chelsea, England 5ft 8in 140lbs
Kelly Kelly Jacksonville, Florida 5ft 6in 108lbs
Kofi Kingston Ghana, West Africa 6ft 0in 212lbs
Lian Cortes New York City, New York 5ft 2in 135lbs
Lita Sanford, North Carolina 5ft 6in 135lbs
Luke Harper Rochester, New York 6ft 5in 275lbs
Mandy Rose Yorktown Heights, New York 5ft 4in 120lbs
Maryse Montreal, Quebec, Canada 5ft 8in 116lbs
Michael Noventa
Mickie James Richmond, Virginia 5ft 4in 125lbs
Neville Newcastle upon Tyne, England 5ft 9in 194lbs
Razor Roman Chuluota, Florida 6ft 8in 280lbs
Roman Reigns Pensacola, Florida 6ft 3in 265lbs
Rosemary The Valley of Shadows 5ft 8in 150lbs
Rosita Queens, New York 5ft 1in 106lbs
Sami Zayn Montreal, Quebec, Canada 6ft 1in 212lbs
Sasha Banks Boston, Massachusetts 5ft 5in 114lbs
Seth Rollins Davenport, Iowa 6ft 1in 217lbs
Toni Storm Gold Coast, Australia 5ft 5in 143lbs
Travis Kooper The Bronx, New York 6ft 2in 230lbs
Trista Aurora, Wisconsin 5ft 7in 140lbs
Tyler Bate Dudley, England 5ft 7in 175lbs
Tyler Breeze Daytona Beach, Florida 6ft 0in 212lbs
Will Ospreay Essex, England 6ft 1in 174lbs


ChampionshipCurrent champion(s)LocationEventPrevious champion(s)
WWE Championship Jinder Mahal Minneapolis, Minnesota Halloween Havoc (2017) Adam Cole
WWE Intercontinental Championship Enzo Amore Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Royal Rumble (2018) Dolph Ziggler
WWE Women's Championship Peyton Royce Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Royal Rumble (2018) Maria Noventa
WWE Goddess Championship Tessa Blanchard Houston, Texas  Survivor Series (2017) Sasha Banks
World Heavyweight Championship Christian Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Royal Rumble (2018) Pastor William Eaver
WWE United States Championship Tyler Breeze Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Royal Rumble (2018) Seth Rollins
WWE Divas Championship Ivy Quinn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Royal Rumble (2018) Christina Von Eerie
WWE Hardcore Championship Trista Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Royal Rumble (2018) CM Punk
Cross-brand championships
WWE Tag Team Championships Kenny Omega & Trenton York Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Smackdown Darby Allin & Jimmy Jacobs
WWE Divas Tag Team Championships The Beautiful People Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Royal Rumble (2018) Allie & Rosemary
Other accomplishments
Royal Rumble Dean Ambrose Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Royal Rumble 2018 Jimmy Havoc
Women's Royal Rumble Alexa Bliss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Royal Rumble (2018) Emma
Superstar Money in the Bank Adam Cole
Divas Money in the Bank Ivy Quinn

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